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FAQ   Aug 28, 2010
Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions. This section is currently under development. For now, contact us directly.

Site Basics   Mar 8, 2010
We do not support video on demand at this time, we run 4 hours of different programming each day starting at 8am EST, and is looped 6 times a day. To view our daily program schedule click on "Program Schedule"… more

What does "delayed-live" mean?   Mar 28, 2010
Sometimes, it is not possible to broadcast live from a hotel due to bandwidth or cost restrictions. So that we can deliver content to you as fast as possible, we upload content within 12 hours after it is recorded. Our… more

Why is my video always buffering?   Feb 20, 2010
Pausing in the video can be due to several reasons. Below are the most common issues. Please check your internet connection. To watch the channel is it necessary to have a 2 mbps connection. Please test your connection here:… more