Terms of Use

Simple version

GlobalDance.tv uses email to communicate with you, and that's how you login. So the email address you use with us is very important. Please don't take advantage of us -- it isn't nice. If something goes awry, let's work together and resolve it so that everyone wins.

Technical version

  1. Individual users are responsible for their own login information. GlobalDancetv provides a password reset option in the event you forget your password; you are responsible for maintaining your email account.
  2. Requests for refunds after half of a subscription has expired will not be honored. If you are having difficultly viewing your subscription, try our FAQ.
  3. Refunds may be granted solely based on the discretion of the GlobalDance.tv staff, only after appropriate troubleshooting attempts have been made.
  4. If we find out that you've been copying or distributing our content without our permission, we will cancel your account and potentially pursue legal action. We cannot provide these videos without paying the bills. Please don't steal our content -- we do not respond well to that!
  5. GlobalDance.tv is a technology company; we communicate and operate through email. If you have tried emailing us, exhausted our FAQ, and submitted a support request and haven't heard back from us via any of those channels, we list a phone number as a last resort.
  6. Regarding Paypal: We at GlobalDance.tv are very concerned with security and information privacy. For that reason, we elected Paypal as our electronic funds transfer client. Unfortunately, some of our users have been dissatisfied with the Paypal experience. We've heard your feedback and are working to add another option to pay for subscriptions directly with your credit card (without using Paypal). We will continue to offer Paypal as an option for those who appreciate the security it provides, and as soon as we finish our security testing, we'll add the option to take credit cards directly.