Halloween SwingThing 2010

location Hyatt Regency, Irvine, CA

dates Oct 29-31, 2010

visit www.centralcoastswingdance.com

We will be uploading clips from all competitions at a 6-12hr delay from record. We are only recording the West Coast Swing and Hustle competitions in the main ballroom -- any Hustle competitions in the alternate ballroom are not being recorded.

Fri 9pm: We have uploaded our first couple of clips from the J&J Prelims. Some competitions have gone straight to finals, so we have a break. We will wait to pull the content from our high-quality camera for the rest of the competitions tonight.

Sat Update: The Friday content is encoding and will be posted when ready. It's taking longer than anticipated, but we're working hard on it! We are posting a couple Saturday-evening files now.

Sat night: The Friday content will be rendering all night. Look for more tomorrow noon-ish!

The Sunday content should now be visible, thank you for your patience as we continue to improve our products!

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Halloween SwingThing 2010
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