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Reach thousands of highly targeted viewers on Global Dance TV

Estimated viewers
10,000 unique targeted dance viewers every week watching 2 hours a day on average.
6 ad slots an hour x 10,000 targeted viewers x 1 hour x 7 days = 430,000 views weekly

Target group:
The average age will be between 18 and 35 with an annual family income of over $50,000.
This dance group segment is normally hard to target directly

3 Ad Formats
Buffer-mercial - View sample commercial
Buffer-mercials are full screen and introduces the channel about to begin.

  • Buffer-mercial formats:
    • Still picture
    • Animation
    • Interactive flash game
  • The buffer-mercials are clickable enabling the possibility of direct shopping from the advertisers website.
    Duration: 2-5 sec
  • CPM: 30 USD (CPM = views pr 1000)

Full Screen TV Commercial - View sample commercial #1    View sample commercial #2
When a channel is being watched full screen commercials appear every 20 min. in between the television shows.

  • Features:
    • Animation
    • Video clip
    • Interactive flash game
  • Full screen commercials are clickable, enabling the possibility of directing traffic to the advertisers website.
  • Duration: 15, 30, or 60 sec
  • CPM: 60 USD for 30 second commercial per 1,000 viewers

Channel Sponsor Button - View sample
The Sponsor button is placed on the top layer of the graphical user interface and appears every time the viewer is using the interface to navigate.
The channel sponsor button is clickable and enables direct shopping from the advertisers website.
Button size: 50 x 50 pixels
CPM: 100 USD pr hour

For more information download PDF

To watch actual programming click here. This is a real, high end full screen television broadcast, not YouTube video based. Watch a GDTV introduction (approx. 2min), then the actual TV program playing at this time.